Mandatory Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Mandatory Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Most preferred dental care tips for pregnant women

Dental care is crucial before and during pregnancy hence it's mandatory to follow dental care tips. Pregnancy affects women’s lives in many respects and aspects amongst which oral health cannot be ignored. Good care of teeth and gums during pregnancy is important. This is because hormonal changes take place during pregnancy which is more prone to gum diseases. This, in turn, can affect the baby as well. Seeing a dentist and getting gum tissue cleaned are some of the dental care tips to be followed before getting pregnant. Certain studies have shown a connection between gum diseases and premature babies.

Following are the important tips that must be considered

Regular checkup

A regular and routine dental check-up is one of the most important dental care tips during pregnancy. Certain procedures can be performed after delivery while some urgent can be done under dentists' guidance and consultation.

Consultation with the dentist

It is important to mention all medicines and dosages that one is taking during pregnancy. Based on the information provided to the dentist certain treatment plans can be changed.

Pregnancy gingivitis is the most common problem which is due to increased blood flow. Hence regular dental cleaning must be done every six months. The second trimester is the best time to perform dental work.

Cavity protection is very important for pregnant women. A cavity is treated immediately to avoid any further infection that might affect the mother and baby. Local anesthetics are safe but still, the risk factor must be discussed with the dentist. A

Regular cleaning

Brushing teeth regularly and removing the plague is an important dental care tip that must be considered and followed to keep the mouth health intact and strong. Some believe that healthy sugars do not affect the tooth much which is not correct. Rinsing mouth with alcohol-free mouth wash is important.

Enough water consume

Drinking lots of water is helpful in pregnancy as well as in keeping the teeth healthy. It removes chunks of food that get stuck between the teeth. It also helps in getting rid of bad breath and also in strengthening the gums. Tap water must be preferred as it contains fluoride in it which does not harm the baby’s development.

ADA sealed products

Purchasing products that have ADA seal of acceptance keeps teeth stronger. Flossing between the teeth regularly is needed to keep teeth clean.

Also, morning sickness causes frequent vomiting during pregnancy. Stomach acid attacks teeth making them weak. Hence washing mouth frequently with alcohol-free mouthwash is important.

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