Dental Radiography

Patients Experience 90% Less Radiation

Dental Radiography Services

Dental radiography is usually called X-rays. Dentists use radiographs for numerous reasons: to discover shrouded dental structures, harmful or kind masses, bone misfortune, and cavities.

How dental radiography services work:

A radiographic picture is framed by a controlled burst of X-beam radiation which infiltrates oral structures at various dimensions, contingent upon shifting anatomical densities, before striking the film or sensor. Teeth seem lighter on the grounds that less radiation enters them to achieve the film. Dental caries, contaminations and different changes in the bone thickness, and the periodontal tendon, seem darker on the grounds that X-beams promptly infiltrate these less thick structures. Dental radiography (fillings, crowns) may seem lighter or darker, contingent upon the thickness of the material.

It is workable for both tooth decay and periodontal disease to be missed during a clinical test, and radiographic assessment of the dental and periodontal tissues is a basic section of the exhaustive oral examination. The photographic montage at right delineates a circumstance wherein broad rot had been ignored by various dental specialists preceding radiographic assessment.

Patients no longer need to be concerned about the radiation necessary to expose dental x-rays.

Our practice utilizes digital radiography. Conventional film is replaced with more sensitive computer sensors. This results in much less radiation to obtain diagnostic x-rays. It also provides the doctor with more rapid diagnostics and allows your visit to be shortened dramatically. Dental Radiography can be enhanced in numerous ways including colorization, reverse imaging, decay enhancements, etc… The x-rays can be printed or even e-mailed to our dental specialists or insurance companies.

Preferred Dental Care Practice Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No more film, chemicals, or disposal fees
    Instant images allow significant time savings
  • Increased productivity
  • More chair side time
  • Increased treatment plan acceptance
  • Affordable technology

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    Dental Radiography