Keep Our Teeth Stain-Free, 8 Ways to Remove Teeth Stains

Keep Our Teeth Stain-Free, 8 Ways to Remove Teeth Stains

Coffee or tea becomes part of our life, we can not imagine to start our day without having a cup of coffee or tea right? but taking care of our teeth is also very important. All we want to keep our smile good and shiny. Coffee, tea, any acidic drink, colas smoke remains a stain on our teeth.


How we can enjoy our favorite drink without having any teeth stain?


The yellower your tooth stains, the better it'll be to get rid of them. (Here are 5 ways to stay your teeth from getting yellower.) chocolate stains, like those brought on by the use of the antibiotic tetracycline during childhood when teeth are forming, are often very difficult to erase.

The good news is that a lot of common tooth stains—the coffee and cigarette variety—can often be washed away between professional cleanings. Here’s the way to whiten teeth.


Brush After Every Meal

If you clean your teeth regularly and conscientiously, you've got less chance of keeping stains on your teeth. Brush during a circular motion (not back and forth.


Check Your Plaque Quotient

Rinse with a disclosing solution from your dentist to point out where plaque remains on your teeth after brushing. Those spots are where your teeth will stain if you don’t improve your brushing technique.


Rinse Often

Rinse the food from your teeth, after every meal. If you can’t get to a restroom, devour your water glass, take a swig, then rinse and swallow at the table.


Switch To an electrical Toothbrush

Reluctant brushers do better with the electrical version, and can clean their teeth more often than if they only used a manual toothbrush, says the Academy of General Dentistry. But when it involves plaque removal, it depends more on the standard of your brushing than the sort of toothbrush you’re using.


Be Choosy About Your Mouthwash

All mouthwash is ok for rinsing, but mouthwash that has an antibacterial action will reduce stain-catching plaque. And now you'll find whitening mouthwash products made by Crest and Listerine which will help a touch.


Sip Through A Straw

To prevent staining, or restaining, after you’ve used a whitener, consider drinking beverages like coffee, tea, and cola through a straw to avoid staining your teeth again. “You might not enjoy drinking a fine wine this manner, but overall you'll limit your exposure,”.


Scrub Gently

Just as abrasive products could scrub away enamel, overly aggressive brushing can expose the deeper-hued dentin, which, ironically, could make your teeth look even dingier.


Try Tooth Strips

This product seems like packing tape, but it fits across your teeth. The strips keep peroxide on the teeth a touch bit longer than a tooth polish, so they’ll get them a touch whiter. They’re simple, inexpensive, and safe. Regular use can lighten your teeth 2 to three shades, compared with the 8 to 10 reminder lightening you'll get from a dentist-directed home-bleaching program or in-office treatment.