How to Get Rid of a Toothache? Explore How General Dentists Can Help

How to Get Rid of a Toothache? Explore How General Dentists Can Help

It’s hard to ignore the discomfort that comes with toothache. And that discomfort extends to every little activity you do daily. Your next obvious move is to contact a general dentist and let them examine your tooth properly. Then comes the time to decide on a suitable treatment for relief. So, before knowing how to get rid of a toothache, identifying the cause is crucial. 

Getting to Know What’s Hiding Behind the Toothache 

Have you ever thought about what leads to that unignorable pain in your tooth? It results from an irritated nerve in that tooth’s root. Pulling out a tooth (extraction) or gum disease are other common reasons behind the pain. These situations demand immediate attention from your general dentist to avoid further complications.

The List of All Possible Reasons Leading to Toothache 

Tooth Decay: We know tooth decay to be one of the leading causes of toothache. But what leads to this decay? Bacteria present in your mouth start forming acids that damage dentin and enamel. That’s a green signal for cavities, pain, and infection.

Abscess: Bacterial infection on your tooth’s root often creates a pocket of pus or abscess. This situation asks for immediate dental attention to address the intense pain and swelling.

Teeth Sensitivity: Wear and tear on your tooth’s enamel gives rise to sensitivity. It exposes the dentin or root surfaces and causes pain while consuming hot or cold foods, drinks, and sweets. 

Teeth Grinding: Teeth clenching or grinding is another common reason behind intense tooth pain. This clenching habit causes unwanted wear and tear. In some cases, it can also damage your jaw joint. 

Dental Fracture: Pain doesn’t only come from sensitivity or cavities. Sometimes, a little crack can turn into a painful experience. Dental fractures usually result from biting something hard or an injury.

A Closer Look at the Problem with Physical Dental Exams

A dental exam is necessary as different toothaches may result from different causes. For one, nerve issues may be the cause, while for the other, the blame goes on irritation. Your general dentist will carefully examine your tooth and look for issues.

Understanding How to Get Rid of a Toothache Permanently

Letting in the Dental Fillings- As the dentists find signs of decay, they will start drilling that tooth away. The next step involves the placement of dental fillings. These fillings stay in their places with the use of a curling light. Then, your dentist will shape and polish those fillings for a convenient bite.

Fighting Tooth Decay with Fluoride Treatment- With fluoride treatment, your general dentist can prevent further damage from tooth decay. It also works wonders in repairing your tooth’s enamel.

Tooth Replacement to Avoid Infection- Excessive damage or tooth decay can affect the depths of your tooth. Your general dentist will have to extract the tooth and avoid further pain or infection. It’s better to discuss the right replacement type for your needs with your dentist. 

Protecting the Dental Structure with Root Canal- Your dentist will remove the damaged pulp from the tooth’s opening. Then, the focus comes on the pulp chamber with disinfection, cleaning, and drying. The other steps include stabilizing the tooth and placing a dental crown for protection. 

The Pain-Relieving Steps That Work- Now that you know how to get rid of a toothache, let’s focus on the preventive steps. Stick to non-acidic foods, stay hydrated, and floss regularly. Moreover, avoid sugary foods, brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, and visit your dentist twice a year.

Finding Your Route to General Dentistry Services in Davie 

Set the path to dental relief with the best general dentistry services in Davie. Visit your dentist, discuss the possible cause of toothache, and decide on a treatment plan. And remember to listen to their recommendations for a hassle-free experience.